Attitude Supply ATD2: Review


Since launching their first backpack design in 2018, Attitude Supply have held a funny position on the market. Unlike many of their compatriots, the Milan-based brand haven’t chased the seasons’ trends and pushed out new designs every six months. In fact it’s only now, four years later, that Attitude have unveiled their second backpack design.

The new ATD2 is, to put simply, a scaled down version of that original backpack. While the expandable design of the ATD1 covered an awful lot of use-case possibilities, it made the bag slightly unwieldy, and larger than many users would ever need. Sizing down, the ATD2 sits in a much more common volume bracket, making it much more useful.

Tech Specs

Dimensions taken from

Primary Materials: 

Challenge Sailcloth Ecopak EPLX600 (Exterior), 

210d PU coated HT Nylon with DWR (Lining)

Quality & Comfort

Being manufactured in Italy, the build quality on my ATD2 is through the roof, being immaculately stitched. The pattern of the bag is deceptively complex, holding its shape whether compressed or packed out, and generally looking gorgeous no matter what. The 600d fabric has just the right amount of structure, and a slightly coarse finish that feels tough without looking rugged. Being a Challenge Ecopak fabric, the technical properties are top-notch, offering excellent durability and water resistance as well.

Attitude Supply have redesigned their bottle pockets, using stretchy tweave that lays flat when empty. They’re a huge improvement over the old style. That same stretch material appears inside, making up organisational features, with a lovely gold colour that provides good visibility without scorching the eye. The grab handles are well padded and all hardware is premium. I can’t fault the material selection here. 

The body-side of the pack has been tweaked as well. Aside from the ATD2’s smaller dimensions, the back panel is padded but also has channels to pass through a rolling-luggage handle, as well as a belt that Attitude Supply sell separately (a lightweight, removable waist-strap is included). I’m also pleased to report a much stiffer framesheet, compared to the ATD1 sample I tested back in 2018, which resolves my greatest complaint by far.

Because of the shorter frame, the fit of the ATD2 is different from its predecessor. It rides quite high on my back and, since the new, curved straps don’t have load-lifters, it took me a while to get sitting comfortably. The first few times I used it, I felt as though the pack was pulling away from me, and arrived home at the end of the day with sore shoulders. Pushing on though, I found the bag broke in and, after a few weeks’ regular use, I find the ATD2 easily comfortable enough for my daily walk to and from work.

Organisation & Access

Since Attitude Supply’s design philosophy centres on mixing everyday function with lightweight travel, there’s a degree of versatility baked into the ATD2. Most obviously, this is achieved through an expanding rolltop baffle, taking the pack’s volume upwards to accommodate extra gear or clothing when needed.

When testing, however, I found the ‘default’ volume to the ATD2’s main compartment to have plenty of space for my daily gear. Accessed through a rear-opening clamshell, this compartment loads forwards into the body of the pack. With the larger ATD1 I’d found loading this way (into the unsupported folds of the main cavern) a little cumbersome, but the trim proportions of the ATD2 make it much easier. This space will take a rainshell, lunchbox, change of clothes, and anything else I might want for my day, and the full three-side zipper makes it painless to access from any point in the interior.

When it is needed, the top opens up into a kind of chimney, which tapers in a way that’s hard to see (like I said: ‘deceptively complex’) but works brilliantly. It never feels like it’s going to bulge outward as I tighten it up, and gone are the long side-straps of other hybrid rolltop designs. The single top strap closes with a Fidlock v-buckle, which is satisfying to use and, I think, well chosen in this case.

Although the main compartment is quite simple, the rear panel features a few tricks. Two stretch-woven sleeves will hold a 13” laptop and a large tablet between them, though a larger device won’t fit. Attitude Supply have also added a loop for a hydration bladder, and tabs for hanging using their Pouch Links, though these are sold separately. Alternatively, any accessory that uses Slik Clips or common g-hooks will mount here too.

I’d been a particular fan of the front organisational compartment on the ATD1, and as such I’m pleased to see it carried over almost exactly, here. This section opens along one side, giving quick access when slung across the wearer’s front. In terms of features, the ATD2 has two stretch pockets, sized for small pouches such as our Sardine Tin, supplemented by five tall slots for differing sizes of pens, knives or other essentials, and a key leash. Around this is enough space for a pair sunglasses and winter gloves. While pocketing like this is common on the bags we feature at TPP, I really think this is one of the best examples going.

What’s Perfect

  • Durable and satisfying materials.
  • Well proportioned for a lot of uses.
  • Excellent front admin pocket.

What’s Not

  • Uncomfortable, at least at first.
  • Italian manufacture is expensive.

If you liked the ATD1, then you’ll like this. Everything that was good about their original backpack is present here, but there are also a lot of improvements. Seeing how Attitude Supply have operated over the past few years leaves me in no doubt that founder Michele aims to satisfy here.

I’ve found the new size to be perfect for a whole range of tasks, from days in the woods to weekends away. Although I struggled with the fit at first, the design makes the ATD2 of my favourite bags to use day-to-day for some time.

At time of publication, ATD2 is available for pre-order HERE

Disclaimer: The ATD2 was provided by Attitude Supply for use in this review. The content of the review was not discussed with Attitude Supply prior to publication. Our reviews are impartial and never altered to keep a brand happy.

3 comments on “Attitude Supply ATD2: Review”

    1. Bob, short answer, yes it is.
      It’s never going to be as comfortable as my dedicated hiking packs with adjustable harnesses, but it’s perfectly fine for walking around town for an hour or so.


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