Author: Adam Teeter

Kifaru Shape Charge: Review

Kifaru International is known for for their heavy-hauling hunting and military type packs. They are constantly discussed and recommended for excursions into the backcountry where a comfortable, durable and reliable load carriage solution is required. They have built a solid, well deserved reputation amongst such users. Over the past few years, their designs have become

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First Tactical Tactix 1 Day Plus: Review

First Tactical is a somewhat new brand in the tactical industry, having entered the market in 2015. Led by Dan Costa, (formerly of Royal Robbins, 5.11 Tactical and others), the company specializes in apparel, packs, knives and other accessories. First Tactical develops products for law enforcement and first responders primarily, but many of their items

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Mystery Ranch – Rip Ruck Review

Many know Mystery Ranch (MR) from the Outdoor Recreation, Hunting and Military packs that made them famous, but over the last few years. MR have made an increasing number of packs that are designed more for urban or office type users, what many folks would refer to as Everyday Carry (EDC) packs. These often contain

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