Each and every one of our contributors are active community members and utilize their own free time in order to provide us with some of the best, most insightful, and impartial reviews and interviews in the industry.


Jeff Wayland
Professional Hobby Collector

Mike Flores
Pack Aficionado, Sorta Writer

PK Shiu
Technologist mixing work travel and family trips

Sergio Granados
Beers, Boba, and Bags

Rori Jean
Pack Hoarding Hobbit

James K. Polk
Definitely Not a Pseudonym

Adam Teeter
EDC and bag buff in the mountains of Wyoming.

Senior Contributors

Brandon Vulaj
Rider of Bikes and Petter of Dogs
Managing Editor

Jed Edwards
Writer, outdoorsy type, and still punk, right?
Senior Editor

Nathan Ryan
Professional Flashlight Nerd and Hobbyist Bag Nerd

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