S.O Tech Go Pouch 2 Quick Look first aid kit

S.O Tech Go Pouch 2 – Quick Look

Brian checks out the S.O Tech Go Pouch 2, a handy velcro pouch designed to provide quick access to your most used items.

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The capability to grab a singular item without having to dig through your fully loaded pack is a massively beneficial factor when on the go. To take advantage of this factor the “molle” system was created in 1997 with the main purpose of being able to more customize your carry using various sized pouches.

One of the biggest down sides to the molle system is when a pouch is attached, to remove the pouch you have to remove the interweaved straps and clips making the process timely. Taking time into consideration companies started creating pouches using hook and loop material for the back panel.

S.O Tech Go Pouch 2 Quick Look back of pouch with hook material

The major advantage of using hook and loop for pouch attachment is the ease of removal and transfer to different packs and vests as needed. One company creating pouches using hook and loop material is S.O. Tech located in Carson, California. S.O. Tech carries their line of Go Pouches in two main sizes, a (4”x4”x1”) and a (5”x5”x2”). For this quick look I will be reviewing the Go Pouch 2 which was supplied by S.O Tech.

S.O Tech Go Pouch 2 Quick Look first aid kit mounted via hook and loop

The Go Pouch 2 is made up of a Pack Cloth material, using a heavy duty top zipper, a clear front window to identify items in the pouch, a hook material back panel for ease of removal and attachment onto most loop material surfaces, and a top loop for ease of tear away. With the amount of interior cargo space available the content possibilities are numerous. To test the Go Pouch 2 I loaded it up with some typical First Aid items like Band-Aids, first aid ointment, alcohol wipes, then added an emergency survival blanket, and some water purification tablets.

S.O Tech Go Pouch 2 Quick Look first aid kit contents

I secured the pouch onto my EDCO Panel from Prometheus Design Werx, loaded up the rest of my pack, and off my boys and I went on a 3-mile hike through the El Dorado National Forrest. Approximately mid-trip one of my boys had caught his arm on a branch causing a small cut. I was able to remove the Go Pouch 2 from my pack and administer first aid to my son’s cut within seconds.

S.O Tech Go Pouch 2 Quick Look attached to a PDW EDCO panel

I was quite impressed with the short time it took to remove the pouch using
the top loop and ease of access to use the items as needed. The clear front window panel
ensured the I.D. of what items I had in the pouch. And reattachment was a simple as placing the pouch back onto my EDCO Panel. Overall I am quite impressed with the Go Pouch 2 from S.O. Tech and would recommend adding one to your pack, range bag, or vest.


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