934 Bagworks Fanny Pack: Review

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934 Bagworks is a company based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and crafting hard-wearing, well-made packs for those who, as they say, “love what they carry.” On the larger end, 934 Bagworks makes a roll-top backpack and messenger bag (both of which are hand-crafted and designed to handle anything a bike messenger or urban explorer can throw at them) but 934 also make several smaller, more versatile pieces as well. Enter the Fanny Pack.

Tech Specs

Height5.5″13.97 cm
Length9″22.86 cm
Depth3″7.62 cm
Weight7.1 oz.20 kg
Primary MaterialsDimension Polyant VX21 X-Pac
934 Bagworks Fanny Pack side view

Quality & Comfort

934 Bagworks’s Fanny Pack is a small but mighty piece of engineering: the pack is offered in 3 exterior and 3 interior colors (some options are only available when paired with others), and those out after dark can add reflective accents. Protecting that colorful interior are Lenzip Rain Defyer Zippers – really solid pieces that have a bit more durability, in my experience, than the standard YKK Aquaguard zippers (which I found to slowly but surely wear with moderate use).

934 Bagworks Fanny Pack front view

934 sent me a not-yet-released colorway: a black X-Pac VX21 interior, with the bright orange liner, and whoa, it looks good. I’ve never had an issue with “standard” X-Pac material, but the VX21 composition strikes a delicate balance of durability and weight, carrying a thicker, 210D nylon face that provides enhanced abrasion resistance when compared to lighter variants like VX07.

As with all of 934’s offerings, the Fanny Pack also adds Fidlock Magnetic V Buckles – while these have become increasingly popular, this was actually my first exposure to the magnetic Fidlock offering, and while they are slightly more complex than your standard plastic buckle (or even metal Cobra buckle), within a few days of continual use, I found them both convenient and fun to operate. Inside is a small key clip, which is an awesome touch that I wish was universal.

934 Bagworks Fanny Pack fidlock


I have taken 934 Bagworks’s Fanny Pack into several situations in which a bag this size comes in handy – a street festival, dog-walking, a BYOB restaurant – and it’s exceeded my expectations. The interior organization – two smaller pockets on one end, a key clip, and a bag-length pocket on the other side – was surprisingly useful for managing an EDC (though the two smaller pockets, side-by-side, were a little too shallow to handle my phone or wallet).

934 Bagworks Fanny Pack internal organization

While I had no issues carrying my everyday essentials in something lacking such organization, like the Flowfold Maverick, the well-designed interior of the Fanny Pack here truly set it apart. Pair the smart interior with a sharp-looking VX21 exterior, and you’ve got a pack that can go just about anywhere, from the concert venue to the office.

What’s Perfect

  • The style is technical without being military; it’s a look that a lot of people can wear.
  • The materials and construction are top-notch; whether you are an X-Pac devotee or it’s your first time, you’ll be impressed by the way this is put together.

What’s Not

  • The front pocket is a smidge too tight to provide quick access to an iPhone 8+ or similarly massive phablets.
  • The two small interior pockets (opposite the larger, full-length option) are too small to fit a phone or wallet upright.

Wrap Up

Ultimately, this was a short-term review, and my findings are based on first impressions rather than the result of a long period of testing. However, I feel that the construction and thought that went into the 934 Bagworks Fanny Pack will be apparently to anyone at first-use. Reviews aren’t meant to be spec sheets, but the composition here is undeniably awesome, from exterior to interior to zippers to buckles. And somehow, the 934 may even exceed the sum of its parts. I’ll be sure to take this one with me on further adventures – on the bike, in the city, maybe even to work – and I’m yet to find a reason you shouldn’t, too.

934 Bagworks Fanny Pack front of bag

Editor’s Note: The Fanny Pack used for this review was provided by 934 Bagworks. Our reviews are impartial, and the content of this review was not discussed with 934 Bagworks prior to publication.

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