Greenroom136 Mission Attaché Review

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Greenroom136 has been a longtime The Perfect Pack favorite; the Malaysian brand specializes in hard-wearing, infinitely customizable, well-designed bags and packs. The Metromonger and Metrodrifter being two of the most popular, and often stand apart in their construction and variety of options.

Fortunately, G136’s newest introduction, the Mission Attaché, is no exception. The pack stood out to me not only because I had long wanted to test the legendary G136 composition, but also because the hybrid of hard-wearing and business-appropriate look greatly appealed to me. The Mission Attaché looks equally comfortable traveling through Europe as navigating to the break room, and is an exceptional choice for those – like me – who need a commuter bag that can resist the elements and hold my mobile office while still surviving the Chicago winters.

Greenroom136 Mission Attache front panel with zippers

Tech Specs

Height12 in.30.5 cm
Length16 in.40.6 cm
Depth5 in.13 cm
Weight3 lbs.1.36 kg
Capacity13 L793 cu. in.

Quality & Comfort

Greenroom136 set us up with both a cam buckle and quick release strap, and I’ve been rotating through them for several weeks now. The cam buckle is the typical strap you can carry on your side (“briefcase style”), while the quick release is a more messenger (cross-body) style. For those overwhelmed by anything past resizing a strap – as I was, upon taking delivery of this Mission Attaché – I found switching between the two to be very straightforward. I imagine most users will pick one or the other and stick with it. Despite leaning towards using a briefcase at work, I preferred the comfort and adjustment of the quick release.

Greenroom136 Mission Attache side panel with PALs MOLLE

The exterior of my pack is a grey 1000D Cordura, with a 420D ripstop lining composing the interior. As expected reading those materials, the bag feels damn near bulletproof. I was “fortunate” (note the heavy air quotes here) enough to be able to test this in early November snowstorms, rainstorms, windstorms… and the occasional peek of sun. Naturally, the G136 held up perfectly. There is something undeniably appealing about loading up these these sturdy feeling packs and throwing them around – the Attaché works equally well on a long commute to work as a long trek through the woods.

The backpanel is also padded with airmesh, which should alleviate sweaty back syndrome on hotter days, especially when using as a messenger, and also pad your body from the main compartment’s contents.

Greenroom136 Mission Attache back panel padded mesh messenger strap


This was, for me, the best surprise of the Mission Attaché. For a bag the same size and shape as several other briefcases in my arsenal, the expandability and amount of pocketing here is off the charts.

Greenroom136 Mission Attache front compartment with organization for pens

On any given commute to work, I’m carrying at least laptop, an iPad, a lunch, a binder or two, a magazine or two, a gear bag with dongles and cords, an umbrella, and two iPhones. There was absolutely no question about bringing this in the G136. And it not only fit comfortably in the bag, but actually had individualized pockets and pouches for nearly everything. The padded, corduroy laptop sleeve is another G136 signature, and a great touch (and, by the way, removable, though I haven’t had occasion to do it).

Greenroom136 Mission Attache main compartment with papers books laptop sleeve

The front-most zippered pocket only zips about an inch “downwards” (perpendicular to the floor), which slightly limits access, but contains a great number of carry options: two larger pockets for phones or wallets, flanking two interior pen holders, and a top-mounted key ring. It’s a wish-list of interior additions – all onboard here.

Greenroom136 Mission Attache front panel zippers organization

What’s Perfect

  • As expected from the brand, the customization and build quality far outpace the price point.
  • For a bag this size, the amount – and variety – of storage is impressive.
  • Looks equally at home in the board room or traveling around the globe.
Greenroom136 Mission Attache key loop leather

What’s Not

  • I wish there was a way to carry by the top-handles only, without having the “wings” left behind in absence of crossbody or shoulder strapping.
  • The logo, front and center, detracts from the appearance; a corner-based logo would have been more pleasing to those of us working in an office.
Greenroom136 Mission Attache cobra buckle gt itw messenger strap


For those wanting something a little more office-commute and a little less one-bagging-world-traveler, the Mission Attaché is an exceptional choice – without fully sacrificing that EDC charm. Like all G136 packs, the build quality here is top-notch – truly one of the most well constructed bags I’ve used, and one that will last years to come. Greenroom136 has a number of excellent packs – many are on the backs and shoulders of TPP reviewers as I write this today – and the Mission Attaché is an excellent addition to that family.

The Mission Attaché is available in a variety of colors, materials, and configurations starting at $110USD directly from Greenroom136.

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