Community Picks: January

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Each month we ask our community, “What are you excited about right now?”

Here’s what they have to say.

Remote Equipment Alpha 31 V2 / Re-Release

Our daily gear should be built for performance, not just a laptop. We quickly saw that if we wanted the build of a technical pack but optimized of our active commutes, we would have to make it ourselves. So we created the ALPHA 31.

Kevin Ankin: I’ll be the first to say it, Gen 2 of the Alpha 31. If it’s the same version then just a new production run.

Alexander Dotsenko: Me and a ton of people surely wait for that Alpha.
I have no other wants for that year and wonder if getting my hands on Alpha will actually make me settle.

Black Ember Forge

Forge is a Three-Way commuter pack with the ability to transform to a Backpack for comfortable and efficient load carry, to a Soft-Brief for business, and then to Shoulder-Bag for casual carry. The Forge completes your modern wardrobe with elegant functionality.

Adam Nevins: Black Ember Forge. 20-30L for EDC and travel. Looking forward to testing it out soon.

Edwin Kuo: …I’m super excited for the Black Ember Forge.

GWA Citadel V2

The Citadel has been a bag 7+ years in the making with every detail painstakingly prototyped & fielded in order to ensure maximum functionality. The Citadel combines all of our favorite & must have features into one bag. This making it our perfect EDC, travel & tactical use pack

Sam Rosen: I cant wait for my new Gen 2. Missing my Gen 1 more than I thought I would. Double bottle pockets. So much room for activities.

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