Five Years of The Perfect Pack

This month, we celebrate five years of The Perfect Pack.

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This month, we celebrate the five year anniversary of The Perfect Pack community. In the past five years we’ve grown to 7,916 (as of this writing), had some great conversations, and turned our community’s love of packs into the content you read here on

With almost eight thousand members, our community facilitates conversations all over the world, from the USA and Australia, to the UK and Hong Kong. Because of this, we’re able to experience bag cultures from all different walks of life, from all around the globe.

To celebrate, our community will be giving away a number of great prizes, from some of our favorite makers. Check them out below, and become a part of our community to join the discussion and learn more about this and any future giveaways.

Thanks to Tom Bihn, GORUCK, ORBIT Gear, Wayfinder Carry, Dmade Bags, Skinth Solutions, Heroclip, and Ventum Gear, for providing the prizes.

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