Announcing: TPP Makers

Welcome to TPP Makers, a group for folks to share their work, discuss techniques, and sell directly to the community.

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The Perfect Pack has grown a lot in the last five years, from a simple Facebook group to a worldwide community, made up of backpack fans, collectors, reviewers and, of course, makers. We’ve been so fortunate to have the involvement of not only the owners or designers from some amazing companies, but also smaller operations, one-person outfits and DIY sewers putting some awesome gear together. We love to see this stuff, and so we’ve started TPP Makers, a new group specifically for folks to share their work, discuss patterning and stitching techniques, and where people can buy and sell directly from the people making their bags.

Everyone is welcome to join this new group, but we ask that it is used primarily for independent gear makers. Folks posting in TPP Makers will be able to promote and sell their work directly or link externally to their own sites, etsy or whatever. This new side of the community is already open and growing, so swing by and check it out today!

You can join TPP Makers here!

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