The Perfect Pack Community Survey 2020: Results

In October 2020 we ran a community survey to find out what bags, features and fabrics people loved that year. Here are the results:

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Despite bad news in many other avenues, 2020 was actually a pretty good year for bags. The scene continues to grow (our community reached 10,000 members!), we had some excellent offerings come to market, and people everywhere opened up to how valuable time outside, in nature or with family, can be.

In October of last year we ran a community survey, asking readers and members which packs had defined their year, which details they liked and which features they considered ‘must-haves,’ and how they used their slings, totes, cases and backpacks when out in the world. We’re very pleased to finally share the results:

Image reads:
Your top ten most anticipated packs from last year:
1. Evergoods CPL V2
2. Mystery Ranch Carryology Assault
3. Remote Equipment Charlie 25
4. Alpha One Niner Evade 1.5
5. Remote Equipment Alpha V2
6. Goruck Rucker 3.0
7. Trakke Cobra Series
8. Bellroy Transit Workpack
9. GWA Citadel V3
10. Tom Bihn Shadow Guide V2

Image shows Evergoods CPL24

We had 133 entries into the most used packs category!

Image text reads:
Your Top Ten most used packs from last year:
1. Alpha One Niner Evade
2. Goruck GR1
3. Evergoods CPL
4. Goruck Bullet
5. Evergoods CHZ22
6. Hill People Gear Tarahumara
7. Triple Aught Design Axiom
8. Triple Aught Design Fastpack
9. The Brown Buffalo Conceal
10. LBT 8005 Daypack

Image shows Alpha One Niner Evade
Features and preferences image one. Illustration of a Remote Equipment Alpha 31 in Multicam Black. Annotations read: 19% of people said a 'small stash pocket' was a must-have feature
12% of people put Multicam Black as their favourite exterior colour or pattern
13% of people put X-series X-Pac as their favourite material

Illustration of a GR1 in black. Annotations read: 17% said a separate laptop compartment was essential for them
29% of people said Black was their favourite exterior colour; 26.5% said orange was their favourite interior!
19% put 1000D Cordura as their favourite fabric
Features and preferences image two.
Illustration of a Mystery Ranch Sweet Pea in green. Annotations read: 14% of people said they needed external bottle pockets on their pack
9% of people said Olive or Ranger Green was their favourite exterior colour
20% of people put 500d Cordura as their favourite material

Illustration of a Remote Equipment Charlie 25. Annotations read: 13% of respondents said water-resistant materials were essential.
15% of people said grey was their favourite pack colour
12% of people said VX-series X-Pac was their favourite fabric
Features and preferences image 3. Illustration showing the harness of a Hill People Gear pack, in coyote tan. Annotations read: 9.5% of people said a sternum strap was a must-have on their packs.
6% of people put coyote or tan as their favourite exterior colour
9% of people said Waxed Canvas was their favourite material
Uses image one. Illustration of a figure wearing a Bellroy sling. Annotations read: 14.8% of people said they used a 6-10L sling 'about town'
99.6% of respondents use some kind of bag whenever they leave the house

Illustration of a figure wearing a The North Face Ka-Ban. Annotations read: 42% said they use a backpack in tthe 21-25L range for work
15% like to carry a messenger or shoulder bag, across size options
Uses image two. Illustration shows a figure sat beside a Goruck GR2. Annotations read:  45% of people said they use a 31-40L backpack for travel. 15% prefer to travel with a duffel
Uses image three. Illustration shows a figure walking with a HPG Umlindi. Annotations read: 49% of people choose a backpack 21-30L for dayhikes
4% said they hike with a bag under 10L

Illustration of a person walking with a large SWD backpack. Annotations read: 43% of people will hike multiples days with a pack under 40L
57% choose a pack over 40L, though only 1.3% go over 80L regularly

For more detail into the results please get in touch. Illustrations provided by Laura Ould.

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