Tinipak TiniBox: Review

Tinipak are launching a high quality pack for children on Kickstarter. Adam checks out their Tinibox

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Children’s bags are not something covered often on The Perfect Pack, but when a manufacturer aims high, we rise to meet it. When Tinipak sent over the promotional materials on the TiniBox, I had to investigate.

Founded in Vietnam by a father who noticed the lack of quality options for his children, Tinipak intends to produce a high quality modular backpack for kids. After a brief rescheduling window, The TiniBox has launched on Kickstarter in August 2021.

Tech Specs

Volume915 cu. in.15l
Weight1.45 lbs660g
Specs as provided by Tinipak.

Primary materials: 600D and 210D Polyester, YKK zippers

Quality & Comfort

The Tinipak feels like a quality build. All the lines and corners are stitched clean and tidy. As far as the material and hardware choices go, 600D Polyester is used for the exterior and 210D Polyester is used for the inside lining. YKK zippers round out the material usage and are smooth as one would expect. On the YKK zippers, the plastic zipper pulls are actually designed by Tinipak themselves and color matched to the zippers.

My 6 year old son carried the bag some and had no complaints about carry comfort either. The suspension of the TiniBox has raised padding covered with airmesh intended along with air channels to help airflow. For ease of use, Tinipak have used a Fidlock buckle on the sternum strap and their little I.D. card holder called, “TiniCard” affixed to a shoulder strap. There is more reflective material and a top carry handle as well.

It seems like TiniBox is ticking all the boxes in the quality and comfort arenas.


The face of the bag features a horseshoe style zipper on the top half, a round loop field for patches and a reflective strip towards the bottom.

The sides of the Tinipak feature stretch bottom pockets that include a fairly discreet zippered pocket.

Looking inside the TiniBox reveals a card in the lid for class schedules, a loop lined rear panel and stretch pockets on the sides and face. The face pocket it a good match for the TiniPenbox and TiniPencilbox pouches (pictured below). The loop panel at the rear provides a place for the Tinifile Pro sleeve to dock as well.

The Tinifile Pro is a modular accessory that is designed to act as a laptop and file sleeve within the main compartment. However, It can be carried stand alone with a shoulder strap, or as a basic backpack and includes a hook & loop flap to secure the contents.

The TiniPenbox and TiniPencilbox pouches have a spot for everything! These pouches, along with the Tinifile Pro are also built using the same materials as the main pack itself. The pouches come with a couple of supplies to help start the school year off fresh. On their exterior is another loop field to accept patches.

Speaking of patches, my sample included 7 raised PVC patches with various illustrations to allow further customization of the bag.

What’s Perfect

  • TiniBox is thoughtful and well organized – there is a place or accessory for everything.
  • The modular concept is great. As an adult, I can appreciate a bag that can be kitted up or down as needed and the flexibility that brings.
  • The construction feels great. I love it when a bag is well put together.
  • The customizable patches were a big hit with my son. This was a nice touch to get the kids excited about the bag.
  • The bag is sized correctly for its intended market. My 6 year old is on the smaller size, but it’s still appropriate even for him.

What’s Not

  • I’d prefer Cordura Nylon to Polyester. The latter has always had a cheaper feel to me.
  • It’s a nitpick, but the included ruler only has metric demarcations. Some of us still use the Imperial measures.

Wrap Up

As a dad who is into packs, it has been hard to find a bag that satisfies my requirements for quality and build, yet fits my children’s taste and stature. I am happy to report that Tinipak seems to have filled this niche with their TiniBox. It’s a great little bag that should suite a variety of needs for the little academics in our lives, and do it with some style; I’m happy to recommend TiniBox as a good option. The Tinipak can be found through Kickstarter here.

Disclaimer: The TiniBox was provided by Tinipak for use in this review, and was returned after testing. Our reviews are impartial and never adjusted to keep a brand happy.

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