CodeofBell ANNEX 360: Review

PK tests CodeOfBell’s new Annex 360: a wallet-size case with a host of carry options

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California based company CodeofBell have been developing new products, continuously adding to their growing X (cross) line since the launch of their X-Pak in 2018 – most recently, I reviewed their X-Tote. Their latest product, launching on Kickstarter in October 2021, heads in the opposite direction: The new Annex 360 is a small wallet size case that has multiple carry options and pockets.

Tech Specs

Height5.1 in130 mm
Width3.3 in85 mm
Depth1.8 in45 mm
Weight6 oz170 g
Capacity30.5 cu in0.5 L

Quality and Comfort

The Annex 360 is a typical CodeofBell product. It uses quality material throughout, with Aquaguard zippers, including a locking zipper in the back pocket. It has Hypalon zipper pulls that snap together, and magnetic buckles for a detachable key ring.

There are multiple carry options for this small case. Two small D rings at one side let me attach the included strap to carry it like a very small cross body sling. One small snap-gated clip at the bottom lets me clip the case onto anything with a D ring, or a belt loop. The back of the case has a MOLLE-compatible strap as well as an included Annex clip for attaching the ANNEX 360 to a variety of webbing systems.

The included strap has a nice tensioner to quickly shorten or lengthen the strap and a buckle for quick removal. Finally, there is a small key ring that is attached to the main strap via a magnetic clip. However, that part of the strap is far too dangly for me.

Organization and Access

It is difficult to describe the organization of the Annex 360. There is a front pocket with a center zip that has it’s own volume. It is just large enough for keys, or in my case my mask and my alcohol spray.

Then there are three pockets, accessible from the three sides of the wallet, via a shared zipper opening. The ones on the left and right extend almost to the full size of the wallet, but they do not have their own volume. I put my car key fob on one side, and a lip balm on the other. The top pocket is a bit smaller, and CodeofBell suggests using it as a coin pocket. I put a tile tracker in there.

Because these pockets share just a small bit of volume, I cannot really stuff them with too many items. I tried.

Using one full U shape zipper opening to access the three pockets is a smart design. First time I used this wallet, I did not realized the top pocket separates from the two side ones by some strong stitching at the corner. Make sure you check that part out before pulling too hard on the pocket.

There is a single zipper pocket in the back. It has a locking zipper which is nice. It is designed for credit cards and cash.

What’s Perfect

  • The various different ways I can carry the ANNEX 360 provide a lot of flexibility
  • For a very minimal carry style, this small case provide great organization

What’s Not

  • This is a really small bag. If you like cargo pants, you can carry more in your pockets.
  • The way the top smaller pocket is separated from the other two will confuse you at first

Wrap Up

I do not like carrying things in my pockets, but using a bag this small forces me to think about what is the absolute minimum I need to carry. During my review of the ANNEX 360 I managed to go about my day around town with just the items I showed above for almost a week. It is so small that I forgot I had it on me. While this may not be for everyone, I am glad that I have a chance to rethink my EDC. The ANNEX 360 can be used on its own, or as a secondary case for the bare essentials, meaning I can leave the main pack in the car or the office as I run into a store or run a small errand.

The ANNEX 360 is available on the CodeOfBell Kickerstarter project.

Disclaimer: The ANNEX 360 was provided by CodeOfBell for use in this review. The content of the review was not discussed with CodeOfBell prior to publication. Our reviews are unbiased and never modified to keep a brand happy.

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